Household Solar Renewable Energy Panels

Household Solar Renewable Energy Panels
Product Details

The design of HQ household solar renewable energy panels requires the user to cooperate with HQ, first of all users need to provide the exact use requirements, including:

1, need to solve the electricity voltage, power;

2, the daily working hours, continuous rainy days to protect the time;

3, whether there is a back-up mains power;

4, the use of regional and climate data system;

5, if it is to the equipment power supply, it is best to provide the equipment name, manual or technical parameters.

Because of the high cost of one-time investment in solar power supply, it is designed to reduce the investment as much as possible when the design is economical and practical. At the same time, some key components choose high quality products as much as possible to extend the working life of the whole system and improve the system reliability failure rate.