Flexible Sunpower

Flexible Sunpower
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 1. Q: How do solar panels work?                    

        A: The basic principle behind solar panels is that light energy from the sun is absorbed by 'photovoltaic' cells (made from silicon wafers) and converted into electricity. Energy produced in this way can then be used to power electrical equipment or, more commonly, to charge a battery which is then used to power electrical devices. The amount of power put into the batteries, and to protect them from damage, is controlled by a solar charge controller. In some cases, it is possible to use small solar panels without a solar charge controller to keep batteries charged up (known as 'trickle charging').

 2. Q: Are you a factory or a trading company?

      A: We are a trading company with more than 20 years exporting experience.  

 3. Q: Do you provide OEM or ODM?

      A: Yes, we can offer OEM or ODM for you. Welcome OEM and ODM, Shinenovo offers good services for you.

4. Q: Customer-centric Services

    A:Perlight rounds out its service portfolio based on every customer’s demands, because we think the customer’s satisfaction is the motive force of growth for the company. Our skilled R&D engineers an