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Solar Green Renewable Energy Home
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Features and advantages of household solar green renewable energy panels | cells:

1, the battery: the use of high efficiency (16.5%) monocrystalline silicon solar chip package to ensure that solar panels generate sufficient power.

2, glass: the use of low-iron steel velvet glass (also known as white glass), the thickness of 3.2mm, in the solar cell spectral response wavelength range (320-1100nm) light transmission rate of 91% or more, for more than 1200nm infrared Light has a higher reflectivity. This glass can also control the sun's ultraviolet radiation, light transmission rate does not decline.

3, EVA: with anti-UV agent, antioxidants and curing agent thickness of 0.78mm high-quality EVA film as a solar cell sealant and glass, TPT between the connection agent. Has a high light transmittance and anti-aging ability.

4, TPT: the back cover of solar cells - fluorine plastic film is white, the sun from the reflection effect, so the efficiency of the components slightly improved, and because of its high infrared emissivity, but also reduce the component's operating temperature , But also help improve the efficiency of components. Of course, this fluorine plastic film first with solar cell packaging materials required anti-aging, corrosion resistance, airtight and other basic requirements.

5, the border: the aluminum alloy frame with high strength, strong resistance to mechanical shock. But also the highest value of home solar power generation. Its role is to convert the sun's radiation capacity into electricity, or sent to the battery to store, or to promote the load work.

Note for users:

1, check the battery panel for damage, to be timely detection, timely replacement.

2, check the battery cable and ground wire is good contact, with or without shedding phenomenon.

3, check the fuse box wiring is hot.

4, check the panel bracket for loose and broken phenomenon.

5. Check to clean the weeds around the panels to block the panels.

6, check the surface of the battery panel with or without cover.

7, check the guitar on the surface of the battery, if necessary, to clean up.

8, the degree of cleanliness of the battery plate to identify.

9, gale weather response to the battery panels and stents to focus on inspection.

10, snow days should be timely cleaning of the battery, to avoid the snow surface of the battery surface ice.

11, heavy rain should check all the waterproof seal is good, with or without water leakage.

12, check whether there are animals into the power station to destroy the battery.

13, hail weather should focus on the surface of the battery panel to check.