40w Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panels Factory Supply

HQ 40W monocrystalline silicon solar panels are characterized by the use of high conversion efficiency of solar cells, advanced crystal structure of solar cells, effectively cut off the sun, and the appearance of fine solar cells with good low light effect, in the case of lack of light The next can also guarantee a good energy output. Very suitable for rural, agricultural ......

Product Details

Features of 40w Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panels:

Solar panels (Solar panels) is composed of one or more solar cells into a solar panel, it can be irradiated on the surface of the solar radiation can be converted into direct current, solar panels is the most basic photovoltaic power generation system / product Of the components, but also the core of solar photovoltaic power generation system. Its role is to convert solar energy into electricity to the battery.


The life of solar panels by the battery, tempered glass, EVA, TPT and other materials to determine the HQ made out of the battery life can reach 25 years. Under normal circumstances 5 years full power, 10 years to ensure 90% rated power, 25 years to ensure 80% rated power.

Solar panels and components Applications:

High conversion efficiency of solar cells

Advanced crystalline silicon construction technology for solar cells, effectively retaining sunlight

Exquisite appearance of solar cells

Good low light effect, in the case of insufficient light can also ensure a good energy output


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Solar cell components Features:

Use high conversion efficiency of the battery, the peak hours through the battery power more

Solar panel performance optimization, nominal voltage 12V / 18V / 24V DC

Solar panels use bypass diodes to avoid hot spots, the battery chip embedded in the TPT and EVA board

Solar panels with 3.2 mm high light transmittance, low iron, ultra white, tempered glass, battery unique aesthetic appearance

Solar panels are beautiful and solid. Its anodized aluminum frame, easy to disassemble, high wind and snow load, Kang corrosion

The back panel of the solar panels is equipped with drain holes so that rain and snow can not accumulate in the interior of the frame and can not freeze the frame in the cold season or even bend the frame

Solar panels 25 years warranty, in line with international certification standards CE / ROSH and so on

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Application of solar modules:

Large-scale solar modules designed to achieve DC 1000V, connected to the power grid design of the power grid

Solar panels are used for battery charging and large independent solar power systems

HQ is specialized in producing 5W-360W monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon full range of solar panel components factory. To provide large and medium-sized photovoltaic grid-connected power station, small distributed grid / off-grid solar power generation system, solar street lights and other projects consulting and design services; HQ products can give street lights and solar power supply system, home power supply, solar billboard power supply system , The communication base station power supply system, the distributed photovoltaic grid-connected system, the monitoring solar power supply system, the seafood farms solar power supply system, the orchard solar power supply system, the forest fire information monitoring power supply system, the oil field solar monitoring power supply system, outdoor breeding solar power supply system , Solar power supply system, solar power supply system, solar power system, solar power system, solar power system, solar power system, solar power supply system, solar power supply system, solar energy power supply system, solar power supply system (Reservoir water level monitoring, rainfall monitoring, crack monitoring, seepage monitoring, dam structure health monitoring and early warning power supply system, bridge structure health monitoring system, mine deformation monitoring and early warning system) Power generation system, solar container power supply system} and all other needs of electricity equipment, and tailored for your preparation program to solve the power supply system problems. Do not need the cable as needed, affordable, easy to install.

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of customers, HQ customized solar energy storage battery 12V / 2V series (colloidal storage battery, deep cycle lead acid storage battery), photovoltaic controller, off-grid inverter, Variable machines, buried boxes and so on.