Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Pump System

Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Pump System
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The most practical application of solar photovoltaic power is solar pump pumping station, also known as solar pumping system, without storage equipment, water pump work during the day, the sun goes down to stop working, no noise, fully automatic. It does not need irrigation when it rains cloudy.

Controller advantages:

1. MPPT function, the highest solar energy utilization

2. 24V / 48V / 96V controller with automatic charging function: to ensure the normal operation of the solar pump to charge the battery; in the absence of sunlight, the battery allows the solar pump to work continuously

3. Digital display power, voltage, current, speed and other working conditions

4. Frequency conversion function: According to the sunshine power automatic frequency operation, but also according to the actual need to manually adjust the speed of operation

5. Auto power off

6. Waterproof seal: double sealing effect

7. High temperature: up to 850C high temperature resistant

8. Soft start: no impact current to protect the pump motor

9. High / low voltage protection, overcurrent / overload protection, the stator coil never burn.