Solar Outdoor Waterproof Remote Control Lights

Solar Outdoor Waterproof Remote Control Lights
Product Details



Product details

1. Solar outdoor waterproof remote control lamp with high-grade tempered glass translucent cover, high hardness, uniform light, light transmittance up to 95%;

2. Solar light products using high-quality light chips, high luminous efficiency, high life expectancy, long-term stability;

3. Using high-quality stainless steel screws, anti-corrosion, high temperature, anti-rust;

4. The new thermal design, the effective protection of the normal operation of the equipment, increase equipment life;

5 solar outdoor waterproof remote control lights use high-power high-quality A-level monocrystalline silicon solar panels, durable 10-15 years, more efficient photoelectric conversion.


1. Solar lighting can be used without an external power switch, without manual operation, no longer have to worry about the electricity bill;

2 large-capacity lithium battery, full of electricity lighting 10-12 hours, life insurance 3-5 years;

3. Industry standard IP65 to prevent water leakage caused by leakage damage lamp body, the effective protection of the lamp body to extend the life (light body can rain but can not soak in the water);

4.20 m wireless remote control, remote key switch light, multi-lighting mode optional, dimming heart.