Scenery Complementary Solar Street Light

Scenery Complementary Solar Street Light
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Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of clean energy, Scenery complementary solar street light is the maximum limit to use this endless energy of the road system. Electricity, which is stored and stored from sunlight, is also the most beneficial to the planet without fear of pollution.

Scenery complementary solar street light is the natural energy of sunlight through the solar panels into a battery charge. Automatically by the battery power to light the lamp, the lamp lit, the timer time, when the set time, the lights automatically turn off. During the day when sunlight shines on the panel, the panel converts the light energy into electrical energy and stores it in the battery through a dedicated controller. When the voltage of the battery rises to a fixed voltage, the controller automatically cuts off the charge and performs overcharging prevention. At night , The sky dark down, the controller performs light control function, automatic light, play lighting effects; controller has time adjustment function, according to the requirements, artificially adjust the daily light time; when the battery power down to a certain voltage, the controller Automatically cut off power supply, the implementation of anti-overdraft function, protect the battery, extend the battery life. Sunshine, the battery is fully charged in the rainy days can also be empty, does not affect the normal use of lamps.