Outdoor Solar Street Light

Outdoor Solar Street Light
Product Details


Outdoor solar street light can be designed according to the actual needs of users, to ensure the normal use of users. Do not know the parameters of the user can give us the road width, the distance between the two lights, designed by the company's designers a reasonable configuration.

Technical Parameters

Solar module power: 50 ~ 300w;

Light source power: 25 ~ 100 watts;

Applicable height: 5 ~ 11 meters;

Lighting time: 4 ~ 12 hours;

Continuous rainy days: 3 to 6 days;

Choose a working method:

Mode 1 (single time): dark start, set the time off or dawn closed;

Mode 2 (double time): dark to open, set the time off, before dawn at the set time and then open, dawn closed.