Solar Panels Outdoor Lawn Waterproof Lights

Solar Panels Outdoor Lawn Waterproof Lights
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1.Outdoor use of the sun and the rain?

Our solar panels waterproof lawn waterproof outdoor professional waterproof design, outdoor plus or minus 40 degrees can be used.


2.Enough bright enough? What is the lighting area?

Solar lights according to different products, respectively, brightness 8-18W, the irradiation area of 40-110 square meters.


3.How long can be bright? No sun, but also bright?

After the solar lamp is fully charged, it can be normally used for 8 to 10 hours, which may vary according to the area sunshine. We use outdoor solar panels light lawn waterproof technology, there is no sun can also be charged, but the charging effect will affect, resulting in the length of lighting will be different.