Solar Panel RV Photovoltaic System

Solar Panel RV Photovoltaic System
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Solar panel RV photovoltaic systems are safe, reliable, noise-free and pollution-free. They eliminate the need to consume fuel and erect transmission lines to generate electricity on site and dissipate on-site power and short construction cycles.



1. Flexibility design, suitable for all kinds of projects

2. The use of high quality raw materials ensures high conversion efficiency and excellent components

3. Components after TUV special certification, in harsh environments still able to play efficient performance;

4. Aluminum frame, the components can withstand the snow pressure of 5400Pa, can withstand

wind pressure up to 2400Pa;

5. components passed IEC61701 salt spray corrosion test

6. IP-67 level junction box: advanced waterproof level;

7. 10 years of product quality guarantee period, guaranteed 15 years output power 90%, 25 years output power 80%.