Solar Panel Power Station Energy Generating System

Solar Panel Power Station Energy Generating System
Product Details

HQ solar panel power station energy generating system mainly includes: solar cell components, controllers, batteries, inverters, load and other components. Among them, the solar cell components and batteries for the power system, the controller and inverter for the control of the protection system, the load for the system terminal.

1. solar cell module

The solar cell module is the core part of the power generation system, its role is to convert the sun's radiation energy directly into direct current for the use of the load or stored in the battery spare. Generally according to user needs, a number of solar panels connected by a certain way to form a solar cell array (array), coupled with the appropriate bracket and junction box composed of solar modules.

2. Charge controller

In the solar power system, the basic role of the charge controller is to provide the best charging current and voltage for the battery, fast, smooth and efficient charging the battery, and in the charging process to reduce losses, as far as possible to extend the battery life; Protect the battery, to avoid overcharge and over discharge phenomenon. Advanced controller can record and display all the important data of the system, such as charging current, voltage and so on.

3. battery

The role of the battery is the solar cell array sent to the DC storage for load use. In the photovoltaic power generation system, the battery is in the floating charge and discharge state. Daytime solar cell array to the battery charge, while the matrix back to the load of electricity, the evening load all the electricity from the battery supply. Therefore, the requirements of the battery self-discharge is small, and the charging efficiency is high, but also consider the price and ease of use and other factors.

4. Inverter

The vast majority of electrical appliances, such as fluorescent lamps, televisions, refrigerators, electric fans and the vast majority of power machinery are all AC work, in order to such appliances can work properly, solar power systems need to convert DC into alternating current, A power electronic device having such a function is called an inverter. The inverter also has an automatic voltage regulator to improve the power supply quality of the PV system.

Product performance:

(1) waterproof, hail, wind.

General solar panels with tempered glass package, the outer frame with aluminum alloy package, can effectively resist the hail attack, the installation of metal bracket fixed, can withstand more than 10 winds.

(2) sunscreen, antifreeze.

Generally have ventilation, cooling windows, in order to facilitate the battery cooling. For particularly cold areas in winter, the battery is made of anti-coagulation colloidal batteries.

(3) control protection

In order to maximize the extension of the battery and battery life, are generally anti-charge, overcharge, over discharge protection circuit control, to avoid damage to the battery and battery premature aging.

(4) part selection

As the use of solar photovoltaic products in different environments, the temperature difference between the larger, so the parts require a wide operating temperature range.

(5) maintenance

Solar cell power generation system does not have moving parts, is not easy to damage, its maintenance is also very simple. But also need to do regular maintenance, or may affect the normal use, or even shorten the service life.

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