Laminated Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Laminated Photovoltaic Solar Panels
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The company is capable of producing various types of 1Wp-340Wp photovoltaic solar panel components, as well as all-glass components with various specifications that can be combined with the construction, and can design and manufacture non-standard components according to user requirements.

The output power of our products is strictly controlled within 3% to ensure that each container is positive tolerance. Our laminated photovoltaic solar modules are tested by internationally renowned laboratories to ensure the accuracy of the output rate. In the component manufacturing process, we developed and applied the advanced technology of screw-less built-in angle key to fasten and seal, which has high mechanical strength and high transmittance glass and sealed waterproof junction box to ensure the safe use of the components. We guarantee that our PV modules will deliver over 90% of their output power over 10 years of use and over 80% over 25 years.