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Solar Roof Panels System Simple Tools Can Be Convenient

Aug 14, 2017

At present, many friends in the choice of installation of solar energy when the solar system to understand less, this article will detail the solar system, and need to pay attention to the place, hoping to help everyone.

A solar system consists of three parts,Solar Roof Panels System solar panels, inverters and installation components, solar panel size 1.1 * 1.7 m, weighs about 15kg, its role is mainly to change the heat, radiation, ultraviolet light, the voltage is about 28v-32v, so do not worry about insecurity, the role of the inverter is to convert DC into alternating current, and the voltage 48v up to 240v, so that can be used for home appliances.

Solar energy system for the first use of electricity for home use, home appliances need electricity, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and so can use solar power, when the day the excess electricity in accordance with the power company to the feed-in tariff, Power grid,Solar Roof Panels System so you will earn credit to offset your electricity generated at night electricity, so the principle of solar power: electricity does not need money during the day, the excess electricity sold to the power company to make money to save their electricity bills. Note: now sold to the power company price 6.8cent / kwh,Solar Roof Panels System so to encourage users to install solar energy as much as possible during their daytime consumption, you can change their own electricity habits.

There is provided a solar module roof system in which the solar panel assembly comprises a mounting frame of a solar panel and a solar panel, the roof system being provided with a support system composed of a pillow beam and a support bar which is perpendicular to the pillow beam and is mounted on the pillow beam; The beam is composed of an aluminum alloy profile with an inverted V-shaped cross section,Solar Roof Panels System the support strip is made of an aluminum alloy profile having a W-shaped cross section, and the W-shaped inverted V-shaped top of the support strip is lower than the W-shaped wings of the support bar and has Installation plane. The connection between each structure of the utility model is extremely convenient, and the leakage prevention measures can be realized by the cooperation between the components. When the system is installed, the simple tools such as electric drill, tape measure, wrench,Solar Roof Panels System sleeve and utility knife can be conveniently Building blocks to complete the installation of components without having to use the traditional solar modules roof system installation essential fountain, ruler, silicone, waterproof glue and other tools and materials.