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Solar Power Generation

Apr 11, 2017

Solar Power has two ways, one is the light-heat-electric conversion, the other is the direct conversion of light-electricity.

Light-thermal-electric conversion by using solar radiation generated by thermal power generation, generally by the solar collectors to absorb the heat converted into a refrigerant vapor, and then drive steam turbines. The previous process is the light-heat conversion process; The latter process is a thermal-electrical conversion process. Like ordinary thermal power. The disadvantages of solar heat generation are inefficient and costly, and it is estimated that the investment is at least 5~10 times more than the ordinary fire power station. A 1000MW solar thermal power station requires an investment of 20~25 billion, and an average 1kW of $2000~2500 billion. Therefore, at present only small scale should be applied to special occasions, and large-scale use in economic is not cost-effective, but also cannot compete with ordinary thermal power stations or nuclear plants.