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Solar Panels Saving Energy And Improving Resource Utilization

Oct 11, 2017

Solar Panels placement is very important, the Solar Panels placement will ultimately affect the number of Solar Panelss to absorb light, strength. Solar Panelss to be placed in the more open places, the surrounding should have less cover. This will not produce the phenomenon of less solar energy due to the shelter of buildings or trees. The current city of solar energy are generally placed in the top floor or in the open place, Solar Panelss can be better concentrated solar energy. In the pool to install solar photovoltaic panels, both to avoid the block, but also reduce the area. PV module bracket installation should take full account of their own weight, wind pressure, seismic and other factors, should adopt the steel structure.

We want to live on this planet forever, it should be more people have environmental awareness, and strengthen environmental awareness.

1. Reduce unnecessary flows, logistics, information flows and corresponding energy losses through a rational distribution of cities, roads, and agricultural resources in a wide area.

2. Build a compact city, as much as possible to do the function and resources of the self cycle.

3. Import the urban environmental protection system, mainly including energy conservation, improve resource utilization, reduce environmental load and energy consumption, and promote the reuse of resources and so on.

4. Combine the land and geology, climate and other conditions, tap the potential of land use, play planning characteristics, to seek the best model for planning and development design.

5. Use of rainwater recovery equipment and permeable flooring materials.

6. Combining the purification function of the ecological pool, the development of low-cost water system.

7. Where climate characteristics are significant, centralized heating and cooling facilities are used to reduce construction costs and energy losses.

8. Set up Solar Panelss, windmills and other environmental protection equipment using natural resources.

When the Solar Panelss run for 1 year and 25 years after the decay rate in the end how much? 25 years old, and now may not have been running for such a long time the power station. According to national standards, crystalline silicon 2 years of decay rate should be less than 3.2%. But the current data is really hard to say, for three reasons:

1, Solar Panels appearance power is standard laboratory light source and test environment calibration, but it seems that different manufacturers of domestic standard light source there is a certain difference. That in the A factory calibration 250W components, to the B factory, may be 245W components.

2, field testing equipment used by the poor accuracy, it is said that less than 5% of the error is acceptable. With 5% error of the instrument, measured 2% (1 year) attenuation, the difficulty of some large, the results are doubtful.

3, the site of the test conditions with the laboratory difference is large, just at 1000W / m2, 25 ℃ time too little! Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a test value to the conversion of the standard value, and the output power and irradiance in a very small interval is only positive correlation. Even at 800W / m2, is not positive correlation. Therefore, in the conversion time, there must be errors.

In addition, many Solar Panelss may be -3% of the power deviation, not attenuation, 3% directly gone.