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Solar Panels Regularly Check The Tracking System

Jul 13, 2017

Solar Panels distribution is in accordance with the distribution of high and low temperature, high temperature and low temperature changes are changing according to day and night. In general, according to the sun exposure, the temperature is constantly changing, during the daytime, due to strong sunlight, the temperature rise faster, and in the evening, the Solar Panels is the main storage temperature, however, the night temperature continues to decline, Meaning that the temperature of the Solar Panelss is declining. Thus, the temperature of Solar Panelss in the day and night the gap is relatively large. Under normal circumstances, the ground erection of Solar Panelss, the atmosphere of dust on the one hand will weaken the sun to reach the ground radiation, on the other hand may increase the wear and tear of photovoltaic power generation equipment, and settlement in the photovoltaic cell surface dust will reduce solar energy Power generation.

Solar Panels capacity design is very important, the size of the final capacity to reflect the amount of solar energy available. Solar Panels capacity design is very simple, Solar Panelss mainly refers to the solar energy storage capacity of Solar Panelss. Solar Panels power storage design is mainly reflected in the daytime sunshine exposure intensity, sunshine days. Sunshine days and sunshine strong period of time, Solar Panelss power storage capacity is often very strong.

In addition, the Solar Panels capacity should also consider the changes in the atmospheric environment, temperature changes with the height of the changes show a state of change. In the stratosphere, the temperature change is decreasing with increasing height. Solar energy is mainly in the stratosphere below the role, so the Solar Panels capacity design is also rising with a high degree of decline. Solar Panels capacity design in addition to the atmosphere to consider the changes in the temperature, but also consider the final issue of solar light angle, different angles of sunlight, the final Solar Panels power generation is different. To this end, the Solar Panels design process to fully take into account the final angle of the sun, in a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter angle design is different.

We want to live on this planet forever, it should be more people have environmental awareness, and strengthen environmental awareness.

1. Reduce unnecessary flows, logistics, information flows and corresponding energy losses through a rational distribution of cities, roads, and agricultural resources in a wide area.

2. Build a compact city, as much as possible to do the function and resources of the self-cycle.

3. Import the urban environmental protection system, mainly including energy conservation, improve resource utilization, reduce environmental load and energy consumption, and promote the reuse of resources and so on.

4. Combine the geological and climatic conditions of the land, tap the potential of land, play the characteristics of planning land, seek the best mode for planning and development design.

5. Use of rainwater recovery equipment and permeable flooring materials.

6. Combine the ecological pool of the purification function, the development of low-cost water system.

7. Where climate characteristics are significant, centralized heating and cooling facilities are used to reduce construction costs and energy losses.

8. Set up Solar Panelss, windmills and other environmental protection equipment using natural resources.

Check maintenance:

1, to keep the solar cell components square cleaning surface cleaning, such as the accumulation of dust, available clean line duster to clean. If dirt can not afford to clean, you can use water to rinse, and then use a clean rag to dry the water. Do not use solvents with corrosive parts or wipe with hard objects. In case of snow when the timely clean up.

2, to regularly check the Solar Panels matrix metal stent with or without corrosion, and regular anti-corrosion treatment of the stent. Square matrix holder to keep ground well.

3, the use of regular (such as 1 to 2 months) on the Solar Panels matrix photoelectric parameters and output power to detect, to ensure the normal operation of the battery square.

4, the use of regular (such as 1 to 2 months) to check the Solar Panels packaging and connection joints, such as the discovery of open plastic bags, cell disc color and connector loose, off line, corrosion, etc., to timely repair or replace.

5, with a polar axis automatic tracking system of solar cell square bracket, to regularly check the tracking system of mechanical and electrical performance is normal.