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Solar Panels Check Regularly To Keep Clean

May 16, 2017

Solar Panels distribution is in accordance with the distribution of high and low temperature, high temperature and low temperature changes are changing according to day and night. In general, according to the sun exposure, the temperature is constantly changing, during the daytime, due to strong sunlight, the temperature rise faster, and in the evening, the Solar Panels is the main storage temperature, however, the night temperature continues to decline, Meaning that the temperature of the Solar Panelss is declining. Thus, the temperature of Solar Panelss in the day and night the gap is relatively large. Under normal circumstances, the ground erection of Solar Panelss, the atmosphere of dust on the one hand will weaken the sun to reach the ground radiation, on the other hand may increase the wear and tear of photovoltaic power generation equipment, and settlement in the photovoltaic cell surface dust will reduce solar energy Power generation.

Solar Panelss work is simple, in short, is achieved through the Solar Panelss condenser. Sunlight shines on the Solar Panelss to produce heat and heat will generate electricity. This will achieve the light energy into heat, heat and further into electrical energy, home solar energy and plant used by the solar energy through this principle to achieve the final power conversion. Energy conversion mainly reflects the physical role of solar energy, solar physics is the role of solar energy to achieve the physical transformation.

1, to keep the solar cell components square cleaning surface cleaning, such as the accumulation of dust, available clean line duster to clean. If dirt can not afford to clean, you can rinse with water, and then use a clean cloth to dry the water. Do not use solvents with corrosive parts or wipe with hard objects. In case of snow when the time to clean up.

2, to regularly check the Solar Panels matrix metal stent corrosion, and regular anti-corrosion treatment of the stent. Square stent to keep ground well.

3, the use of regular (such as 1 to 2 months) on the Solar Panels matrix photoelectric parameters and output power to detect, to ensure the normal operation of the battery square.

4, the use of regular (such as 1 to 2 months) to check the Solar Panels packaging and connection joints, such as the discovery of open plastic bags, cell disc color and connector loose, off line, corrosion, etc., to timely repair or replace.

5, with a polar axis automatic tracking system of solar cell square bracket, to regularly check the tracking system of mechanical and electrical performance is normal.