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Solar Panels Also Suitable For Home Installation

Aug 03, 2017

In the millions of photovoltaic power plants, the main way to clean the Solar Panels is to use high pressure cleaners and manual scrubbing. This requires expensive labor costs, as well as long heavy physical labor. The use of high pressure cleaner is too high, there will be solar cells (power generation components) have the risk of cracking.

Solar panel cleaning robot, first in the solar panel to set the track, the robot along the track, while sprinkler, while cleaning with a brush. The two wheels of the track are to be mounted on the rims of the array (solar panel array) on the top row of the panels. The wheels move on the top row of the panels so that the robot moves horizontally (east-west).

The track is also equipped with 16 wheels that roll on a solar panel. This can assist the robot in the horizontal movement on the battery plate, but also can have four wheels on each board rolling, play a decentralized robot on the weight of the role of the battery plate. The total weight of the track and the robot is about 28kg.

Manual cleaning, 4 people clean 1MW Solar Panels, need 4 to 5 days. Because you need to run the high-pressure cleaning machine, accompanied by water to scrub, after feeling tired, clean quality easily become uneven. And there is a need to erase the surface of the pool of water droplets traces, covering the outer panel of the battery and the protection of glass boundaries easily accumulate dirt. The use of clean robots, these problems do not exist, can improve the quality of cleaning. Moreover, if the increase in power generation to bring the effect of more than the cost of cleaning.

Solar panel cleaning robots. This robot is 72cm long, 43cm wide, weighs about 11kg. Men can easily mention. Hold the handle on the shell with both hands and put the robot in the lower right corner of the array. Open the switch, installed in the front and rear of the rotating brush began to run,Solar panels along the self-driving along the panel. Power source using built-in lithium-ion battery, no wires. The robot goes straight and does not fall from the outer frame of the panel. After the robot through, the original dirty panel into a unique gloss black.

This robot completely self-driving, open the switch began to clean, after the end will be prompted. In order to achieve autonomous driving, the robot installed around the four sensors around. The left and right sensors can detect the longitudinal frame of the solar panel and use it as the indicator line to correct the route forward. At the top of the array, the front and rear sensors detect that there is no battery plate in front of it, and then move to the left uncleared area as described above.

How long is the solar panel life?

Solar panels industry called "components", too can board in the normal use of the environment, the working life of more than 25 years, but the power with the increase in the number of years to reduce. China 's first batch of solar panels has reached 40 years still in the use of power generation .... Integrated Germany, the United States and Canada and other countries the current effect, should be more than 20 years! As the age of use increases, the amount of electricity is gradually decreasing

Suitable for home installation?

At present, the solar panel production technology is becoming more and more mature, compared with the previous, the power has increased leap, the cost has a significant decline in photovoltaic power generation generally into the family to create favorable conditions, coupled with national energy policy support, So that the current family of distributed promotion in full swing! Very suitable for home installation! There are three main reasons:

1, the price is not expensive, the proceeds far better than other investments.

2, the state support, drought and waterlogging.

3, almost no maintenance. Approximately 5-7 years to recover the cost.