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Solar Panel Application More And More Popular Trend

Aug 14, 2017

How long can a Solar Panel Application be used?

A little understanding of the people who can give the answer: 25 years.

However, I believe many people are worried about this answer. Glass, backplane clip the small piece of the battery can carry twenty years of exposure and wind and rain?

Look at foreign countries, the UK's first PV system running only 20 years attenuated by 5%. The system is a 2.16kW PV array, a total of 36 60W polycrystalline components, built in 1994. 20 years later, the power station carried out a comprehensive test. The tests consisted of complete IV curves,Solar Panel Application open circuit voltages, short circuit currents, and measurements of solar irradiance and component backside temperatures. The test results show that the component power is only 5% attenuation, and then the entire PV array was tested. Although the array near the trees, coupled with the shadow of debris, still can produce 80% of the initial system power output.

From the near, the battery has been yellowed, but does not prevent it from continuously to the power supply. Today, these 30 years of the old battery is still working properly,Solar Panel Application the power generation are also achieved grid, from the value and age alone, absolutely can be selected in China's most beautiful components. Leaving aside the basic power generation function does not say that more than 30 years of ordinary items are now rare, let alone the Chinese PV budding period of the battery. Not to mention today's technology is more mature, 30 years ago, examples also fully confirmed that the PV module can be used more than 25 years.

With the development of solar energy industry, a variety of related components are increasingly becoming the hot topic of the industry. Packaging materials in solar modules have always been the most important material except silicon wafers, including glass, film, backplane, aluminum frame and silicone. Which because the backplane of the main material has been monopolized by foreign companies, in 07,08 was in short supply,Solar Panel Application so the backplane is also the most compelling packaging materials.

Common backplanes can be divided into TPT, TPE, PET and PET / polyolefin structure. Where T refers to DuPont's polyfluoroethylene (PVF) film under the trade name Tedlar. P refers to the biaxially stretched polyethylene terephthalate film,Solar Panel Application PET film, also known as polyester film or polyester film. E refers to ethylene-vinyl acetate resin EVA. Polyolefin refers to a variety of carbon-carbon structure as the main chain of plastic. In the use of the structure between the layers of the appropriate adhesive bonding made of solar cell backplane.