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Solar Panel Application And Function

May 10, 2017

Solar Panel Application Application of solar panels

1. Solar Panel Application Solar panels made of high crystalline silicon material, and with high strength, light transmission performance of solar special glass and high-performance, UV-resistant special sealing material laminated solar panels, can be anti-ice zone The In the harsh environment of temperature changes can be used normally, in the course of the use of solar energy into electricity; so, as long as the sun can generate electricity, is an advanced, pollution-free environmentally friendly high-tech products.

2. Solar Panel Application Solar panels are used in any solar photovoltaic system equipment, such as lighting and household appliances, or a variety of small, medium and large solar power stations. According to the user application requirements to design the required shape and power, solar panels can be used in series or parallel use, installed in the sun directly, 

Solar Panel Application without any occlusion position, fixed with a bracket. The installation direction is slightly inclined and the inclination angle is determined by the geographical position. The solar panel is facing the sun, and the installation angle (referring to the angle of the solar panel and the ground) is the same as the local latitude. If conditions permit, the tilt of solar panels can be adjusted with the seasonal changes.

Solar Panel Application One of the benefits of using solar panels is to keep the battery in a floating state, which can more favorably suppress the degree of polarization, so that the battery life is significantly extended, this effect is 1 +1> 2 relationship.

Solar Panel Application The role of solar panels

1. Solar Panel Application The role of solar panels is the sun's light energy into electricity, the output DC into the battery. Solar panels are one of the most important components of solar power generation systems. Their conversion rates and service life are important factors in determining whether solar cells are of value.

2. Solar Panel Application Solar battery components can be composed of a variety of different sizes of solar cells, also known as solar array. The power output capacity of solar panels is closely related to the size of the area. The larger the area, the greater the output power under the same lighting conditions. The advantages and disadvantages of solar panels mainly by the open circuit voltage and short circuit current to measure these two indicators.