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Polycrystalline Solar Panels Towards The Goal Of Flexible Batteries And Further

Jul 04, 2017

Polycrystalline Solar Panels is a clean energy, its application is growing rapidly in the world. The use of solar power is a way to use Polycrystalline Solar Panels, but the current cost of building a solar power system is still high, from the current stage of China's solar power costs, the cost of solar modules in the cost of about 60 to 70 %, Therefore, in order to more fully and effectively use Polycrystalline Solar Panels, how to select the sun battery square azimuth and tilt angle is a very important issue.

The azimuth angle of the square of the solar cell is the angle between the vertical plane of the square and the direction of the south (the east side is set to the negative angle and the west side is set to the positive angle). Under normal circumstances, the square toward the south (that is, the square vertical and the south angle of 0 °), the solar cell power generation is the largest. The power generation in the square will be reduced by about 10% to about 15% when the distance from the south (north hemisphere) is 30 ° C; the power generation of the square will be reduced by about 20% to 30% The

However, in the sunny summer, the maximum time of solar radiation energy is later in the afternoon, so the square position slightly westward, in the afternoon time to get the maximum power generation. In different seasons, the direction of the solar cell square is slightly eastward or west some have the most time to get the power generation. The location of the square is limited by a number of conditions, such as the azimuth of the land at the time of setting on the ground, the azimuth of the roof when the roof is set, or the azimuth angle of the sun shade, and the planning, power generation efficiency, Design planning, construction purposes and many other factors have a relationship.

If you want to adjust the azimuth angle to the peak time of the load in the day and the peak time of the power generation, please refer to the following formula. As for the grid-connected power generation, it is desirable to select the azimuth angle in consideration of the above aspects. (24 hours) -12) × 15 + (longitude -116) October 9, Beijing's solar cell array at different azimuth angle, the amount of solar radiation and time-lapse curve. In different seasons, the peak of each day of the peak amount of time is not the same.

With the use of photovoltaic power generation, optoelectronic technology, solar thermal applications are currently being extended to mobile phones, automobiles, lighting, air conditioning and other civilian consumer goods. Standing high to see the solar panels, you must imagine "a mirror", Yao was blinded. Because the battery plate to get the energy of the sun, so that the sun goes in. This situation is expected to change.

Indoor can also use solar film

Another kind of transfiguration seems to be more thorough, that is, to abandon the roof of this traditional territory. The Virginia Tech team is developing low-cost flexible solar cells that can hide in windows and walls, incorporate curtains and wallpapers, and harvest energy from sunlight and even scattered light.

Power generation and storage of Polycrystalline Solar Panels fabric

With the rise of mobile technology, mobile power is essential; and the most appropriate way, than its direct weaving into our clothes. Scientists have recently invented the solar power wire, moving towards the goal of a flexible battery.

Slender ribbon made of copper, soft and surplus. One side of the function is solar power, the other side is a super capacitor. When exposed to sunlight, the electricity side of the electrons directly to the negative side, stored in the energy storage layer. The team tested the ribbon activated in simulated sunlight, providing an energy density of 1.15 mW / cm & lt; 3 & gt ;, with a power density of 243 mW / cm & lt; 3 & gt ;. In order to facilitate the display effect, the team tried to weave looms, the ribbon will be successfully woven into a square fabric, the function is not affected.