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Polycrystalline Solar Panels Less Impurities, High Purity And Less Child Life

Nov 03, 2017

is the Polycrystalline Solar Panels a good choice of monocrystalline or polycrystalline?

In the background received a lot of friends message, asked me in the selection of Polycrystalline Solar Panelss, is the choice of single crystal good or polycrystalline good? In fact, to tell the truth, this is really bad to say. We can choose single crystal or polycrystalline according to our own needs. There is no need to obsess over the power or price of silicon!

Polycrystalline silicon is better directional, can accept light in multi-directional. We can do a simple experiment: block the sun's rays with one hand to leave a shadow on the Polycrystalline Solar Panels, so we can easily find that the current of polycrystalline silicon is not obvious, but the decrease of the generation current is quite obvious.

Polycrystalline Polycrystalline Solar Panelss like batteries, too sunlight to the solar cell plate generated by the current through the inverter controller to the battery charging, battery power through the inverter into DC or AC power supply (load) use, or directly through the grid-connected inverter input power grid. Solar photovoltaic system consists of solar cells (group), Solar Controller, Battery (group), such as output power for AC 220V or 110V also need to configure the inverter.

Crystal structure of monocrystalline silicon is relatively perfect: less impurities, higher purity, less sub life, no grain boundary dislocation and easy to control, from the efficiency of the above, the silicon wafer unit cost is close to the polycrystalline ingot, but the conversion efficiency has obvious difference. Conversion efficiency, as the most important reference data in the evolution of silicon-based semiconductor batteries, and the most dependent conditions in the utility process, even small differences, are sufficient to cause a great gap. And from the system's energy return, the conversion efficiency of the difference has created a monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic system of higher energy returns, this advantage determines the long-term value of monocrystalline silicon power generation is higher. From the point of view of the cost,Polycrystalline Solar Panels with the progress of monocrystalline silicon battery cost reduction, and still in the continuous decline, the price advantages of Polysilicon is proud of no longer exist. This situation will certainly lead to the conversion of monocrystalline cell and polycrystalline silicon battery role.

The configuration of solar power system is a complex process, which involves many factors. Therefore, we can not rely solely on the advantages and disadvantages of silicon to determine our choice, we should be based on their own housing location, use, etc. to determine our choice of silicon!

The order of atoms in crystal structure determines the crystallinity of semiconductor materials, while the charge transmission, current density and energy conversion efficiency of solar cells are affected by crystallinity. The bandgap of a semiconductor material is the minimum energy required to transition electrons from a binding state to a free State (that is, to allow electron conduction). The band gap size is usually expressed as eg,Polycrystalline Solar Panels which describes the energy difference between the valence band and the conduction band. The valence band of semiconductor material is low energy level, and the conduction band is high energy level. The absorption coefficient is used to characterize the distance of a photon penetrating medium at a particular wavelength,Polycrystalline Solar Panels which determines the ability of the photon to be absorbed by the medium. The absorption coefficients are determined by the cell material and the wavelength of the absorbed photon.

The cost and ease of processing of various semiconductor materials and devices depend on a variety of factors, including the type and scale of materials used, the production cycle, and the migration characteristics of the battery in the sedimentary chamber. Each factor will play an important role in the specific demand for PV power generation.