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Basic Introduction Of Solar Panels

Apr 11, 2017

Solar energy: The Sun is a huge power, it emits about 3.8x1026W energy per second in the form of light radiation, one of 2.2 billion points projected onto the Earth, the sunlight is reflected, absorbed by the atmosphere, and 70% transmitted to the ground. Nonetheless, the solar energy that was received in the last year of the earth was still up to 1.8x10kW H. From the Earth to form biology mainly to the sun to provide heat and light survival, and since ancient times, mankind also know to sun-dried objects, and as a way to preserve food, such as salt and sun salted fish and so on. However, the reduction of fossil fuels is intended to further develop solar energy. The use of solar energy has a passive use (light-heat conversion) and photoelectric conversion in two ways. Solar power is a new renewable energy source. The generalized solar energy is the source of many energy on Earth, such as wind energy, chemical energy, water potential energy and so on.