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Solar Street Lamp System composition

Apr 11, 2017

Solar Street lamp system can guarantee rainy weather more than 8-15 days normal work! Its system consists of (including bracket), LED lamp holder, solar lamp controller, accumulator (including battery insulation box) and lamp pole and so on several parts.

Solar modules generally choose monocrystalline silicon or polysilicon solar modules; LED lamp holders generally choose high-power LED light source; Controller is generally placed in the lamp pole, with light control, time controlled, overcharge protection and reverse protection, more advanced controllers have four Seasons adjust light time function, semi power function, intelligent charging and discharging function; The battery is generally placed in the underground or will have a special storage battery insulation box, can use valve-controlled lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, Iron and aluminum batteries or lithium batteries. Solar lamps automatic work, do not need to dig trench wiring, but the lamp pole need to install in the embedded parts (concrete base).