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Solar cell module structure and its performance requirements for Backplane

Apr 11, 2017

Generally press the glass-plastic film-battery plate-plastic film-TPT stacked in the aluminum frame. As the solar cell module is placed in the outdoor electrical products, so the backplane in addition to the protection function, but also must have a 25-year-long reliable insulation performance, water resistance, anti-aging performance. Table 1 lists the performance requirements for the backplane, which is an important indicator of the performance of the back panel of solar cells, which is water vapor permeability. If the solar back plate barrier water vapor penetration of poor performance, then the air humidity (especially rainy humidity greater) will be through the solar back plate into the inside, the infiltration of water vapor will affect the adhesive properties of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer), which causes the back plate to be detached from Eva, thus making more moisture directly contacting the cell and making the cell film oxidized.

At present, the United States, European countries, especially Germany and Japan, India and so on are vigorously developing solar cell applications, the start of the implementation of the "100,000 Roof" plan, "millions of Roof" plans, greatly promoted the development of the PV market, the future is very bright.